WOD: 7-29-13

GS: 12 min AMRAP of:

8 Deadhang Chin Ups
5 Shoulder Press
20 Straight Leg Raises
8 V-Ups

WOD L1: 9 min AMRAP of:

3 Power Clean and Push Press (105/70)
6 Kick Outs
6 Power Clean and Push Press (105/70)
12 Kick Outs

Continue this patter until time expires

WOD L2: 13.4: 7 min AMRAP of:

3 Power Clean and Jerk (135/95)
3 Toes to Bar
6 Power Clean and Jerk (135/95)
6 Toes to Bar

Continue this pattern until time expires


Remember this?…

In case you were not around for the Open workouts of this past season, today will be a good way to test yourself and see how you would have done.  If you remember this piece of joy workout, then you will have a point of comparison from early on this year.  Either way, watching this world  record performance from Jason Khalipa is downright cockamamie (your new favorite word).  Either way, we will have a good recap of the CrossFit games this week, and sooner or later you may find out that you are less fit than some 60+ year old women.

And not in the good way,



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